Romney Becomes Obama’s Campaign Strategist

Posted on September 20, 2012


Following a slew of embarrassing gaffes by the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has been hired by the Obama 2012 campaign as its lead campaign strategist.

“I’m very pleased to hire this exceptionally strong and dedicated man,” the President said yesterday. “No one has done more for the Obama campaign than Mitt Romney.”

Romney’s most recent gaffe was suggesting at a fundraiser that 47 percent of Americans are on the dole, when he included in that number a majority of people who are legally not required to pay federal income taxes, but may pay other taxes.

“It doesn’t even matter if it’s taken out of context or not,” Obama said. “I’m just going to give him a microphone and let him talk about safety nets for the ‘very poor’ and torturing dogs. My attack ad people don’t even have to work hard anymore.”Republican presidential candidate for 2012

Beltway insiders said Romney’s recent mistakes make all of Obama’s gaffes seem small in comparison.

“He can make jokes about the Special Olympics all he wants, now,” said Huffington Post blogger Sam Cratter. “It doesn’t matter what message Obama gets out – he could be silent the rest of the campaign, as long as Romney keeps talking.”

As of press time, the Obama campaign was scheduling a speaking tour for Romney at town halls throughout the nation’s poorest cities.

“In a campaign where people are only voting for the lesser of two evils, I appreciate Romney making that choice clear,” Obama said.

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