Ohioans already sick of Biden

Posted on November 7, 2012


After Ohio played such a pivotal role in yet another election, Vice President Joseph Biden said he plans on spending every day there.

“Ohio is the greatest state,” the former Delaware senator said.

Biden wanders through town after town, meeting voters and prepping for a 2016 presidential bid. It’s estimated that he has already met one-third of the state’s residents.

“He’s always having breakfast here,” said Akron restaurant owner George Utrecht. A similar statement was echoed by restaurant owners in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Dayton.

Earlier this year, Biden purchased homes in Akron, and moved his children there so that his grandchildren can start school in September.

Hospitals in Ohio are under standing orders to contact him every time a baby is born so that he may come and give them a “Welcome New Citizen Kiss.”

“I…don’t think he’s leaving,” Rocky River resident Monica Trant said in a whisper, because Biden was walking down her street doing meet and greets. “Shouldn’t there be vice president things he should be doing?”


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