Hurricane Survivors Return To Wasting Time

Posted on November 8, 2012


As power returns to New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and Nor’Easter Athena, New Jersey and New York residents return to their old habits: YouTube, PS3, and a backlog of SongPop requests.

Mark Halstrom was fortunate enough to have power returned to his Howell, NJ neighborhood yesterday, following 13 days without electricity. After watching storm updates on TV, he flipped through the channels before coming to rest on an interview with Kirstie Alley about her cocaine use.

“Last week, I hooked my generator up to my furnace. I helped cut up three trees on my brother’s property. And I collected gas cans from my neighbors and drove 40 minutes to find a station that worked. It’ll be nice to just veg out today,” he said.

As the pressure of surviving day to day is slowly lifted, residents have much more choices in how to spend the day.

“My job’s still blacked out, so I didn’t have to come in today,” said Jess Weiner, who has had power for two days. She said she can’t remember what she has accomplished since electricity has been restored.

“God, is it lunchtime already?” she asked.

The days without power are long gone for most residents. Weiner’s husband, Ron, described how their home went dark and got colder and colder every night until they had to leave.

“We met this really nice family at the shelter, and we pooled together our supplies,” he said, explaining that they probably have power back, too.

“I’m sure they’re fine,” he said.


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