Gun Control Becomes $2 Billion Industry

Posted on December 15, 2012


The movement to ban assault weapons and regulate other guns more stringently has become a $2 billion industry.


Sales of stickers, T-shirts, and other merchandise protesting guns have grown to rival the actual gun industry this year, with several gun control companies making the coveted Fortune 500 list.

“Their increased market value demands that we look more closely at their point of view. If more people are buying what they’re selling, and it’s good for the economy, it’s worth endorsing,” said U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan).

Government watchdog groups challenged Moran’s statements, digging up election campaign reports that have Moran’s Political Action Committee receiving sizable donations from a large disarmament group.

“It’s just another politician in bed with Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and now Big No-Guns,” one blogger wrote.

Chelsea Bradley, CEO of Waiting Period: Forever, and publisher of three of the five largest anti-gun magazines, warned that the anti-gun industry might bust, just like the dot-com bubble.

“What happens if the U.S. actually passes real gun control laws? Sure, it’s ‘Mission Accomplished,’ but then I have to lay off 147 people,” she said. “Maybe next we’ll monetize other causes, like literacy or ending homelessness.”

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