Debate Viewers Just Hoping to See Ken Bone

Posted on February 2, 2017


sc_debate_fs_tuesday_rWASHINGTON, D.C. – Although CNN is touting the debate over the Affordable Care Act as a rivalry between two powerhouse almost-rans, most people are just tuning in hoping to catch a glimpse of Ken Bone.

In one corner, there will be Vermont Senator Bernie “The Aggressive Progressive” Sanders. And in the other corner, Texas Senator Ted “The Zodiac Killer” Cruz.

However, when one hears about political debates, one cannot help but hearken back to a quieter time, a simpler time. A time of hope.

Back in the days when things were still good, and life was innocent. Back when a young man enchanted the nation with his straightforward demeanor, disposable camera, and dazzling fashion choices.

That man, ladies and gentlemen, was Ken Bone.

In this nation of divisiveness, there was a lone voice that leant a clarion call coursing through the winds…no matter what side of the aisle you found yourself on, you could always look to this quiet, unassuming man to guide you out of the darkness.

Help us, Obi-wan Ken-Boni. You are our only hope.161010004816-ken-bone-debate-exlarge-169