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Obama Updates His Resume

January 20, 2017


WASHINGTON, D.C. – After leaving the White House, former President Barack Obama started on his next challenge: landing a new job. But like everyone in this difficult economy, what jobs are available for an executive who was unliked by about half of the people he supervised? “Should I put on my resume that I was […]

Virginians Vote For Whoever Makes Lines Smaller

November 6, 2012


Voters waiting on line for four or more hours now tell pollsters they will vote for whoever makes this interminable hell stop. In other election news: Slutty Nevada Could Go Both Ways The Best Reason to Vote: Voting Restrictions For Electoral Voters Clinton Also Had Binders Full of Women Romney Becomes […]

Voting Restrictions For Electoral Voters

October 24, 2012


In the continuing debate over the right to vote, 17 states have required complicated restrictions for members of the electoral college to vote. A member of the Electoral College must provide: * A copy of driver’s license * Utility bill from the address on the driver’s license * Birth certificate with watermark * Last three […]

3rd Party Candidate Heard There Was Debate Today

October 3, 2012


Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode prepared to deliver his message of cutting the department of education and placing a moratorium on immigration until unemployment figures go down at the first 2012 presidential debate. “I’ll present concrete arguments to poke holes in Obama’s and Romney’s platforms,” he said, waiting by the side door at the University […]